Drifting Boogie in August

The third Drifting Boogie will be happening on August the 26th at The Ruin. This time Christy Lakeman from Cafe Artum will be coming to the DB party to share his own music. Christy has a wide and beautiful taste in music and has now set up a brilliant culture space and cafe/record store in Birmingham. On the day he will be sharing his love of deep and immersive cosmic, disco, boogie, psychedelic, house and soul, it's going to be a good one I feel. Weather permitting it will be outside in the courtyard from the afternoon into the evening. There will be the usual garden lights, places to kick back, places to dance and a welcoming atmosphere. Kids can come till 7. All are welcome. 

NewBoogie2 latest.jpg

Also, Drifting Boogie heads to The Lord Clifden for an early evening till late session with top mukka Steve Thornton on the evening of August the 10th. It's been a busy Summer of music at the pub with the likes of Dean 'Sunshine' Smith, Sean Taylor, Lee McBride and others playing throughout the weekend, I am looking forward to playing some music in the back garden. 

Let's get together soon.