Terekke - Plant Age

In December of last year Terekke released 'Plant Age'  the album being the 100th release for the Brooklyn label L.I.E.S. - Terekke has demonstrated his ability through the regular quality music that he releases. His personal nods to the essence of the L.I.E.S. feels like a wise idea for a label that has had a huge output over the last few years. Having him on number 100 was a sound idea and a no brainer. 

'Plant Age' has a deep brew of ambient tracks and dubbed out house music. There are lo-fi chord changes that sit over off centre drums avoiding a club sound, in its place the album goes in the direction of detailed introspection and after-hours listening. 

What I really like about 'Plant Life' is that it sounds brilliant through a decent pair of headphones but also comes alive on a good sound system due to the warmth of the music and the intricacies of the beat programming, comparable to the compositions of Basic Channel and Demdike Stare, particularly the track 'JQM' which rolls along into an infinite horizon and eerie underwater mood, it's as if the music was always there. 

The twelves Terekke has released since 2011 are worth exploring too. He releases his next album on Music from Memory in March, it would be a good idea to have a dip into his back catalogue - tracks off this album - 'BB2', 'Swim' and 'Mix 91' get my vote especially.