Ozo - Anambra

The good people at Isle of Jura have reissued another release this time going down the intoxicating spiritual route of Tibetan Buddhist Sanskrit mantra chanting from the band Ozo with a cosmic afro number. 

'Anambra' is a deeply spiritual record which has zoned out meditative 'om mani padme hun' chanting and loose hippie percussion, in a modern conversation perhaps you could call it an 80bpm chuggathon - depending on what type of angle you take.

'Anambra' was a track that David Mancuso (a practicing Buddhist) spun and would close The Loft with as his version of a one more to transcendent the dance floor and bring a conclusion to the night and morning of dancing. Cool shit for sure. 

Watch Ozo play another track 'Listen to the Buddha' live on British TV recorded sometime in the 1970's below.