John Dimas - Riko's Trip & Ripperton - Eloigné

John Dimas has a new album coming out in February 2018 called 'One Against Time' and he shared a new track from the album just before Christmas. His music incorporates different influences, from Detroit techno to UK trip-hop. His knowledge of producing beats and the science of beat production is indicated in 'Riko's Trip' which could be on Third Ear as much as Mo Wax.

Ripperton goes deep seated with 'Eloigné' a droning melodic depth charge of introspection and celestial beauty. I am really excited to see what comes of 'Sightseeing,' his new album released on ESP Institute next year. I sometimes find the experimental/drone aspect of electronic music to be at times samey but this sounds unique, beautiful and different. 

if there was ever a track that optimised the music I love and want to feature on Half-Lights, Eloigné would be a perfect example.