RAMP - The Old One, Two and The James L'Estraunge Orchestra - See You Tonight

Peace, love and respect for RAMP with a double sided 7' that came out in 2007 as part of a reissue from the post 'Come Into Knowledge' era. Both tracks are perfectly re-mastered and are taken from the Roy Ayres - A Tear To Smile, it's the A-side which offers something brilliant, I've always loved RAMP and this track is a perfect example of the bands ability to make music which is soulful and sophisticated funk music. Shout to Ayres, but of course special props goes to Edwin Birdsong one of LA's finest keyboardists from the jazz-funk era. Essential. 


The whole album 'Eventual Reality' from The James L'Estraunge Orchestra has some of the best strings I have heard in a long time, 'See You Tonight' being a perfect example. It's nice to have music that is shaped by The Cinematic Orchestra and 4Hero but ultimately this is a modern selection of records that has a stack of individuality to create an LP which is in my top 5 for 2017. It's romantic, dramatic and has just the right amount of uptempo, broken beats, jazz and soul to create the right shades and moments that are thoroughly emotional too. Like I say, those strings.