Fieldnotes - Biit Me Records

Staying in Tallinn this week for a City break offered the opportunity to visit Biit Me records in the old town. To get to the store you have to go through an alleyway to an art nouveau building, then up a stone spiral staircase, ignoring the first floor of apartment owners, then walk through a door with the store logo on. Upon entry, my first impressions were the huge windows and the welcoming staff. Its a record store that I instantly felt at home in with each section curated by the store owners. This avoided the feeling of having a deluge of filler records with too much choice, each section had interesting music within each genre, mixing second hand older records, represses and new releases together. 


There was also a place to sit down and relax in whilst having a beer and soaking up some music and the in-store atmosphere. I picked up a few records and didn't feel the panicky 'oh shit I've missed something' fear as a few hours were enough to go through everything and pick out anything that was of interest. I walked out with Nev Cottee - Broken Flowers, the repress of Timmy Thomas - Why Cant We Live Together, the Ruf Dug remix package for the Kenneth Bager remix of Dominica and an old Mark Pritchard remix of Cosmos - Summer In Space. 


Tallinn, as a City, seemed to have a lot going on with Rune Lindbaek, amongst others, having just been there. The reputation of it being a Drum and Bass place wasn't that evident either from what I could tell. In other travel tips we also went to the Depeche Mode bar that plays only Depeche Mode music where apparently the band have popped in over the years and signed posters. I did think that for the band, when visiting, it might be like when Jed 'I'm your biggest fan' Maxwell invites Alan Partridge round for a cup of tea at his house.

Jokes aside, special mention also goes to Kumu Art Museum, a gallery that is in stunning park land setting just outside of the Old Town that has incredible architecture to match. It is one of the best galleries I have been to in Europe and looked really great against the cold sky and Autumn colours.

The old streets of Tallin and it's narrow alleyways and picture perfect setting deserves attention if visiting but be sure to check out Biit Me if you are ever in the area. 

You can follow the BIIT guys here.